If they are old enough, we will include your children in helping make clothing selections.  Making them part of the planning process will help them be more excited about the time we'll spend together!  Also, we will discuss where you may want to display your new portraits and what other items you may want to purchase so I can plan to photograph for those specific items.  


Most importantly, the day of your session, allow more than enough time to get ready.  Try to make the time before your session as calm and relaxed as possible.  Be sure children are well rested and have had a snack.  Bring along any "lovies" or favorite toys or books to help keep them entertained.  If children aren't being as cooperative as we'd all like, I may ask you and your spouse to take a walk.  Many times children will be more engaged, well behaved and not as stressed if mom and dad aren't "hovering".  You know kids always seem to behave better when mom and dad aren't around! :)  My desire is for your family to look forward to this time and to have FUN ! 


I do not work out of a studio so I spend a lot of time scouting locations for sessions.   Locations can vary from parks, grassy fields and lakes to urban and distressed settings.  Even your front porch or beautiful yard can be the perfect setting for your portraits!  Specific locations such as the Arboretum and Union Station are also available with an additional charge per those venues.   I am also open to any new ideas of where your family may want to have your portraits taken. With your input, I will also work to determine which styles of locations will best compliment your family's personality and the wardrobe selections you choose. 


After your session, we will schedule a Viewing and Ordering Appointment at your home. At this time, I will help you make your selections for your wall portraits and any other products you may wish to purchase..  


                *Any person involved in the purchasing of portraits must be present and payment in full for order is due at this time.*

What to Expect

After you have booked your custom portrait session, I highly recommend an in-person consultation.  This is a complimentary service.  During this time at your home, I will guide you with wardrobe selections and answer any other questions you may have about your up coming session and help me get to know your family a bit beforehand.   This will also help the kids feel more comfortable on picture day.