What should we wear?



- Choose outfits that are your style and make you & your family feel good about yourselves!

- Avoid skin tone garments

- Select a couple of outfits for each family member  

- Don't be matchy-matchy.  Select outfits that compliment each other and consider a bit what colors are in the areas of your home where  your new portraits will hang.

- Do not wear glasses that darken in sunlight

- Avoid cropped tops and short shorts

- Try to avoid shirts with large graphics or wording 

- Gals, be mindful when choosing undergarments so they will not be visible

- Don't wear rubber flip-flops!  Bare feet are better if need be!

- Don't show up with a sunburn

- Be sure to try on everything before your session to avoid any last minute suprises, such as stains, tears, snags, size issues.

- Lay out all clothing selections.  Don't forget to select accessories!  Be sure shoes are clean and don't look worn.

- Iron clothing and check for stray threads and pet hair.

- Be sure nails are clean and trimmed or manicured.  This goes for you too, guys !

- If you will be wearing nail polish, be sure it's not chipped and is a color that will coordinate with all your outfits.


 A special note for guys...


- Try to get hair trimmed no sooner than 1 week prior to your session

- If you will be shaving, do so close to the time of your session, but allow enough time for your skin to "calm", avoiding redness and